5 projects approved by Membership in Oct 2018 e-vote


1. Chicken production in Cantón Tosagua, Manabí, Ecuador ECU/18/066 USD 4,911


2.  Improving productivity of small-scale market gardens and livestock, Kamonyi district, Rwanda (RWA/18/037) USD 5,100


3. Installation of sewage works and mosquito-proof windows for a health centre serving seven villages, Maruku and Kanyangereko wards, Tanzania (TZA/18/039)  USD 14, 600


4. Decreasing malnutrition and mortality rates among children and pregnant and lactating mothers – Congo Democratic Republic - COD/18/064 USD 5,000


5. Reconstruir juntos una cultura del trabajo" - "Un aula-taller para aprender "Artes y Oficios" in La Plata-Argentina. (“Reconstructing together a culture of work – a classroom/workshop to learn arts and crafts”) -  ARG/18/043 EUR 5,517