Projects Approved in May 2017


Approved May 2017:

BDI/16/091 - Rehabilitation of the Murakaza School, SAB, Bujumbura – BURUNDI - 5,000 USD - The direct beneficiaries are 158 pupils aged between 3 to 16 years old (90 boys and 58 girls) and their 3 teachers, as well as the 189 participants in vocational training programme for mothers and young adults. The indirect beneficiaries are the entire pupils' families and the rest of the SAB community.


ECU/17/026 - Replacing Fishing Gear for Members of the “El Guadual” Association of Artisanal Fishing, Manabí Province, Cojimies Parish, El Guadual – ECUADOR  - USD 5989.20 - 180 members of the local community related to the 60 families directly involved in the artisanal fisheries association. 


KEN/15/093 - Beekeeping to Finance Sanitary Towels – KENYA –USD 2,400 - Direct beneficiaries are 600 young girls, and 300 beekeepers.