Sustained Income for the Released Bonded Women Labourers Through Backyard Poultry Keeping


Project Code: IND/14/109


To provide sustainable income for Irula and dalit women who have been released from slavery


Direct beneficiaries are around 40 Irula and dalit women, and their families. Through breeding and sharing of chicken with other beneficiaries 120 women and their families are expected to benefit in three years’ time. 


Children Watch works with the marginalised tribes in Tamil Nadu. Bonded labour is prevalent in the area, and the victims of bonded labour are typically Irula and dalit tribes. Women released from bonded labour by the authorities require a sustainable source of income in order to lift them out of poverty, and to prevent them and their families from ending up again in bonded labour. The project intends to provide training for the women beneficiaries on backyard poultry keeping and on azolla growing as a feed for the poultry. It should be noted this activity was the preferred option by the beneficiaries themselves and hence brought forward to the 1% Fund for funding by Children Watch.

In the beginning 40 women are trained on poultry keeping and azolla growing, and inputs for both activities will be provided to them (9+1 chick and materials for an azolla bed). After a year 40 other women will be given inputs by the first 40 beneficiaries, and during the third year 40 other women will benefit from the project.

Use of funds: The funds will be used to cover the costs of 400 chicks (360 + 40), inputs for azolla growing (beds, seeds) and training costs. Beneficiaries contribute land and labour, whereas Children Watch covers the costs of their own personnel