Income generation through poultry raising, empowerment and protection of widows’ rights
To provide a source of sustainable energy to rural families which will ensure a safer and cleaner environment for the local community
To solve the unemployment problem among the local youth by providing skills in mushroom farming and eradicate poverty in the community. Also to provide extra protein for them and their families.
To promote self-sufficiency through gardening and agriculture

1% News

11 Oct 2013 The following projects were voted in by the members of the fund in October 2013. IND/13/029Production of environmentally friendly, cost-effective jute productsUSD 4,950. NEP/12/086Livestock rehabilitation projectEuro 5,543. KEN/12/002Sustainable traditional poultry production to improve [...]
31 Jul 2013 The following projects were voted in by the members of the fund in July 2013. HAI/13/075Repair the photovoltaic installation for pumping water through replacement of a broken electrical part (inverter). Euro [...]
31 May 2013 The following projects were voted in by members of the fund May 2013. IND/12/072 Socio-economic empowerment of Dalit womenUSD 4,771 IND/12/074Goat and chicken rearing for people with leprosyUSD 4,950 GHA/12/084Grasscutter rearing USD 6,545 PER/13/028To [...]
11 Dec 2012 Rome - Thanks to all members who helped create and distribute the 2013 Calendar.
30 Aug 2012 Our thanks to the members who voted and approved a record 3 new projects proposed by the Project Appraisal Group (PAG). Also thanks to the PAG members for the hard work put [...]
19 Jul 2011 Many thanks to the 1% fund for approving this project, also on behalf of all the children of Akamasoa and of Father Pedro! Fabio Meloni, President, Amici di Padre Pedro onlus [...]
19 Jul 2011 On behalf of all the members of Satkarya Social Society and benefited community through this project, we would like to extend sincere thanks to all the members of the 1% [...]
19 Jul 2011 Dear Brenda Jones, Thank you very much for your concern and the activities of the 1% to help the poor of the word to which our group is a beneficiary. [...]
28 Apr 2010 I’m writing on behalf of Mother Virgilia Trasatti, general Mother of the “Istituto Suore Pie Operaie” who confirmed the receipt of the 1% donation to their mission in Madascar for [...]
16 Mar 2010 In January 2009, I surprised even myself by deciding to go to Ethiopia as a volunteer worker for three weeks. I had never been there before, and I admit I [...]

During 2013, we celebrate 30 years of the Fund!