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08 Mar 2019 Worldwide - Audit of Financial Statement for 2017    
08 Mar 2019 Worldwide - Audit of Financial Statement for 2018
20 Dec 2018 Dear 1% Fund Members,   Today is the 1% Calendar Day when we distribute our calendar that illustrates some of the micro projects that have been funded during the course of the [...]
11 Dec 2018 1% Fund Calendar Day on Thursday 13 Dec 2018. 
26 Nov 2018 Tanzania - To help complete work on a community health centre Kindly note that work on sanitation and hygiene facilities is still going on. 1. So far we have been able [...]
01 Aug 2018 Project Description Sheets attached.   ZMB/17/075 – Sanitation for Children’s Nutrition Centre, Chililabombwe, Zambia.  USD 5,722   PAK/18/X – Helping 75 rural families to become food self-sufficient, Faisalabad, Pakistan–  USD 4,156   COD/17/065 add – Sustainable [...]
14 Dec 2017 FAO HQ Rome - 1% Fund Calendar Day on Thursday 14 Dec 2017. Also distributed in WFP HQ Rome this week.
13 Dec 2017 Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Armenia - NIR/15/044 - Palm kernel cracking, shelling and kernel-nut sorting by improved technology, Ndigbo Uvuru, L.G.A Imo state, Nigeria .  USD 3,833  COD/17/065 Sustainable beekeeping training in Goma, to improve nutrition and generate [...]
15 Jul 2017 Canchis Province, Peru - Project Code:  PER/17/047 Objectives:   To collect rain water from the school roof and store it in tanks for use in the school washrooms, laundry and vegetable plot   1% Funding: USD 2,200   Beneficiaries:  200 (fifty young [...]
15 Jun 2017 Manabí - Project Code:  ECU/17/026 Objectives: To replace fishing nets, lines and hooks that were lost or damaged in the earthquake which struck the region in April 2016. Replacing fishing gear for members of the “El [...]

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