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Guidelines for Project Selection

(as approved by Constituent Assembly, 17 February 1983)


The purpose and management of the project shall be consistent with the spirit and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

An endeavour will be made to fund as wide a variety of projects in as many countries as possible. This should not, however, preclude focusing projects around a specific theme or in a specific region.

The Fund shall support projects which seek to promote equitable social and economic structures and which favour the participation of the people in their own development. Projects designed to stimulate awareness of development issues and their implications in developed and developing countries should also be encouraged.

Preference shall be given to projects directly benefitting the least favoured sections of the population in developing countries and specifically to projects which:

  • promote collective self reliance;
  • stimulate, at the local level, development activities which preferably have a multiplier effect; and
  • focus on the production of essential goods and services through the use of local resources.

In general, priority shall be given to projects:

  • which are not eligible for or have difficulty in obtaining support from other sources. It is desirable that support be provided, whenever possible, through local people's groups and/or non governmental organizations;
  • which will not require the continuing support of the Fund;
  • for which there is a commitment to meet the project's objectives;
  • for which there is an assurance of some form of monitoring, evaluation and reporting; and
  • which may, through successful innovation, act as a model for other development assistance.

Projects shall be of a nature and on a scale which will permit members to take a direct and continuing interest in them.